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NEW! Trowel Shine Concrete Polishing System for Power Trowels

Polishing with trowel Shine

Trowel Shine L38GR-X Remote-Controlled

LAVINA-X Series Concrete Grinding and Polishing Machines


Step by Step Grinding and Polishing with LAVINA

Concrete Polishing demo with LB36G-S & ShinePro

Concrete Grinding and Polishing Project

Edge grinding with L13-X

Self-Propelled grinder L32M-X

Beautiful polished concrete floors

Polishing with Trowel Shine

How to operate L30G-X

How to change the air filter on LAVINA Propane machines

How to change the oil and oil filter on LAVINA Propane machines

How to change the small planetary belt on L25/30 machines

How to change the spark plugs on L25/30G-X

How to properly pressure wash your grinder

How to tighten the chain on L30G-X

How to tension the drive head belt on L30G-S

How to check the hour meter on LAVINA machines