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The latest products and special offers from Superabrasive

New LAVINA PROPANE MACHINES unveiled at World of Concrete! 

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Superabrasive has added 2 new propane large grinders to the LAVINA line, including a 32-inch, six-head propane grinder L32G-X, and a 38-inch remote-controlled grinder L38GR-X. With powerful 999cc Kawasaki engines, integrated weights and adjustable grinding pressure, and chain-driven forced planetary drive, the new grinders are amongst the most efficient and easy to use machines on the market. And since they run on propane, they do not require any electrical wiring or generators, and take no time to set up on the job site, saving contractors time and money. Ideal for large industrial projects where power may not be even available yet.

Superabrasive has also launched a completely new LAVINA-X series of dust extractors, all designed and manufactured by Superabrasive. The new vacuuum line includes both a propane model V32G-X and several electric models in different sizes that can be used with any LAVINA or other grinders on the market. The company goal is to provide contractors with the most efficient, versatile and easy to use floor machines for projects of all sizes, large and small. 

Call your Lavina distributor for a demo.


Superabrasive is also launching TROWEL SHINE, a new concrete polishing system for power trowels. The fastest way to polish concrete! More than 10,000 sf/hr per grit.

Trowel Shine works with walk-behind and ride-on power trowels - choose from 10.63" and 14" tool holders depending on your power trowel pan sizes. Featuring rotary head technology and flexible foam heads for an even tool wear and perfect balance. All diamond tools in the system are velcro backed for quick and easy tool changes. Made by Superabrasive.


NEW! Carbide Scrapers for removing thick glues and mastics 

carbide scraper tool for glue removal

  • Our carbide scrapers feature a square tungsten carbide blade for aggressive stock removal without damaging the concrete underneath! Ideal for floors that will be polished. 
  • Each blade is attached to a reusable QuickChange holder.
  • CBL tools can be used with Lavina grinders as well as other grinders via QuickChange adapter plate. 


New LAVINA Grinding and Polishing tool box

Ideal for storing and transporting your metal and resin diamond tools! Fits up to 45 pcs QuickChange metal tools and 72 pcs 3-inch resin pucks. 

tool box side tool box fronttool box top view


New LAVINA Bush Hammer tools

The new LAVINA bush hammer tools create a bush hammered profile on concrete, ideal for use on exterior spaces. 

They can be used on all LAVINA grinders as well as other grinders on the market that use a QuickChange adapter plate.

lavina-bush-hammers  new bush hammers 3


3-Step Concrete Polishing System

Superabrasive has introduced a new 3-step polishing system for concrete that is effective, simple and very cost efficient!

3step system concrete web

Our 3-step system consists of three proprietary resin bond pads in progressive grit sizes that take the concrete from 120 grit to 1500 grit finish. The pads are standard 3-inch diameter with Velcro backing, and can be used dry or wet with almost any grinding machine on the market. Before starting with step 1, the floor should be cut to 120 grit with metal or hybrid diamonds, and densified, if needed. Unlike other “3-step” systems on the market, Superabrasive’s 3-step polishing system doesn’t involve any messy chemical applications or waiting overnight, which means faster turnaround time. Compared to the standard mechanical polishing which typically requires around 5 to 6 resin steps in consecutively progressing grit size (100, 200, 400, 800, 1500), Superabrasive’s 3-step system saves contractors about 2 steps on average. 



Our new QuickChange pcd tools feature a metal button to help you utilize the pcd segments more efficiently and remove coatings faster, leaving a smoother scratch pattern on the floor. Ideal for thin coating removal on floors that will be polished.

Offered with 1 or 2 pcd segments.

X1b pcd2



The new HD Copper discs are ideal for the first cutting steps on big box retail projects. They feature a special copper bond and long tool life, and can be used with any grinder and polisher. Designed for wet applications only! 

HD copper web

NEW Super Soft bond tools for Super Hard Concrete

The new WHITE QuickChange tools featuring our softest bond segments cut the hardest concrete with ease! Offered with one or two rectangular segments.

x1s shc


HD (Heavy Duty) Resins

We have added a new resin pad line, especially designed to be used on heavy machines. They feature a new 'hybrid" bond, providing increased durability and tool life. Offered in 3 and 4 inch sizes. Can be used wet and dry.