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Diamond Wheels for Optical Lens Porcessing


Superabrasive manufactures a wide variety of diamond wheels for lens processing (generating/edging/ginishing/polishing), including:


Our TRIO® roughing wheel is the best wheel on the market for cutting Trivex® lenses and is available in different sizes for all popular edgers. The wheel special design with small holes drilled in the bond surface helps cooling the surface of the wheel and lens during processing, so that the lens remains firm enough to be cut with speed and accuracy. During testing, our TRIO® wheels processed Trivex® lenses 64.4% faster when running wet and 61.5% faster when running dry. Decreasing the temperature also eliminates excess smoke and swarf build up. Most importantly, labs will notice a significant reduction in the number of rejected lenses due to internal stress, axis problems, and chipping.



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