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Superabrasive began in 1987, and has been manufacturing high quality diamond tooling and equipment ever since. Our 200,000 SF manufacturing facility in Krun, Bulgaria, and 46,000 SF warehouse facility in Atlanta, GA serve North America, South America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. Our offices in USA, Bulgaria, UK, Turkey, Ukraine, and Poland as well as our distributor network throughout the world offer sales and support. While we have grown greatly over the years, our advantage in the marketplace continues to be our dedication to research and development, and our ability to sort, test, classify, and control the quality of the diamond powder used in the manufacturing of our diamond tools. Superabrasive manufactures products for 3 main industries - concrete, stone fabrication and optical lens processing. Our most popular brands include LAVINA®, NATO®, Calibra®, ShinePro® , V-HARR®, GlossFire® (previously called TORO).

While Superabrasive makes products for several industries, the concrete product line has in just 10 years become the company’s largest division and its top revenue generator. Our LAVINA concrete line includes grinding and polishing machines, burnishers, vacuums and diamond tools. In fact, Superabrasive is among very few companies in the industry that is manufacturing both the machines and the diamond tools itself. Our products are used on projects large and small, from high-end residential jobs to large industrial plants and “big box” retail stores such as JCPenny, WalMart, Sam’s Club. Since the launch of the first LAVINA machines in 2004, Superabrasive has updated the line with the Pro, S, and, most recently, the X series, which is loaded with new features for improving your productivity and efficiency on the job site. The X series includes a full range of models, from 20-inch grinders for small residential projects to 38-inch remote-controlled grinders for large commercial projects, as well as edgers for edge and corner work. We have electric and propane machines, that are both efficient and easy to use. Through the past 10 years LAVINA machines have proven themselves by continuing to provide contractors with superior productivity rates and ease of operation.

LAVINA vacuums are available in different size, CFM, lift and voltage options to suit any grinder and job size, and our diamond tools cover nearly any floor application – coating removal, grinding, polishing, maintenance, edge work, etc.

For more information about Superabrasive and Superabrasive’s products, please visit or contact Superabrasive at 800-987-8403 and