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Hand Edger Machine and Hand Edger Wheels

  • Superabrasive's HEM-300 is a heavy duty industrial hand edger that you can rely on. It features a powerful motor, central water supply and a standard 6-inch diamond wheel.
  • We produce hand edger wheels in a variety of sizes for different had edgers, including HEM-300, Weco, NuTec, Novamatic and others. If you do not see the size that you are seeking below, please contact us at 800-987-8403.
  • We recommend using the brass/metal bond wheels for glass and plastic lenses, and the resin bond wheels for polycarbonate, plastic, hi-index and trivex lenses.

Resin Bond Hand Edger Wheels


Brass/Metal Bond Hand Edger Wheels


HEM-300 Technical Specification

  • Motor: 180W / 0.25HP
  • Power Supply: 115V / 60Hz
  • Spindle Speed: 1700rpm
  • Wheels Dimensions: 6''x1.5''x1''
  • Pump Outlet: 115V / 6A
  • Weight: 26lbs
  • Size: 15''x12''