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Intoducing the all new L20G-X - the most powerful and reliable 20-inch propane grinder on the market.

L20G X side web


  • Truly variable speed propane engine - L20G-X can be run between 610-1090 rpms, allowing for more effective grinding and improved tooling life.

  • Intelligent fuel control system - Lavina Fuel-Minder is a high-performance digital system with closed loop fuel management.

  • With dust suppression fine misting system - the new Lavina misting system produces 10 micron water droplets which effectively suppress and remove dust particles from 0.1 to 1000 microns.

  • EPA and CARB Blue Sky recognized with some of the lowest emissions in the industry and the highest output in the 603 cc LPG class. 

L20G-X is loaded with new features for improved productivity, performance and safety. Come see it in action at World of Concrete - Booth S10539 and O31353!

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Vacuums X electric only

Superabrasive has launched a new LAVINA-X series of concrete dust extractors, including propane and electric models, all manufactured by Superabrasive. Features include: automatic filter cleaning, Hepa filters, Longopac bagging system, and more... 

New TROWEL SHINE polishing system for power trowels

Superabrasive is also launching TROWEL SHINE, a new concrete polishing system for power trowels. The fastest way to polish concrete! More than 10,000 sf/hr per grit.

Trowel Shine works with walk-behind and ride-on power trowels - choose from 10.63" and 14" tool holders depending on your power trowel pan sizes. Featuring rotary head technology and flexible foam for an even tool wear and perfect balance. All diamond tools in the system are velcro backed for quick and easy tool changes.


 NEW! Carbide Scrapers for removing thick glues and mastics 

carbide scraper tool for glue removal

  • Our carbide scrapers feature a square tungsten carbide blade for aggressive stock removal without damaging the concrete underneath! Ideal for floors that will be polished. 
  • Each blade is attached to a reusable QuickChange holder.
  • CBL tools can be used with Lavina grinders as well as other grinders via QuickChange adapter plate.


The perfect solution for storing and carrying your metal and resin diamonds!

Solid Wood Body, 13 aluminum dividers / slides - 4 pcs for QuickChange style Metal tools (fit 45 diamonds) and 9 pcs for velcro backed tools (fit 72 pcs 3-inch resin pucks).

Weight: 16.5 lbs (box only); Dims: 15in x 15 in x 12.5in 

tool box side tool box front

July 5, 2016 - New LAVINA Bush Hammer tools

The new LAVINA bush hammer tools create a bush hammered profile on concrete, ideal for use on exterior spaces. They can be used on all LAVINA grinders as well as other grinders on the market that use a QuickChange adapter plate.


Three-step polishing system for concrete

Superabrasive's new three-step polishing system requires only 3 steps / pads to achieve a glossy finish on concrete floors, and saves you time and money! It can be used wet or dry on any concrete and any floor grinder using a standard plate with velcro attachment. 

3step system concrete web

World of Concrete 2016 Recap

Many thanks to everyone who stopped by our booths at World of Concrete 2016 in Las Vegas! It was an incredible show, and we were extremely happy to see many LAVINA users at the show and receive such a positive feedback. AT WOC we showed the latest additions to the LAVINA line for concrete grinding and polishing, including a new 25-inch SELF-PROPELLED grinder, L25LM-X-HV, and a new PROPANE vacuum, V-32-G. Just a reminder, that our show specials are good until the end of February. 

2016 LAVINA Concrete Catalog

Special thanks to our LAVINA distributors who helped us make this World of Concrete our best tradeshow to date!


Our new QuickChange pcd tools feature a metal button to help you utilize the pcd segments more efficiently and remove coatings faster, leaving a smoother scratch pattern on the floor. Ideal for thin coating removal on floors that will be polished.

Offered with 1 or 2 pcd segments.

X1b pcd2


The new HD Copper discs are ideal for the first cutting steps on big box retail projects. They feature a special copper bond and long tool life, and can be used with any grinder and polisher. Designed for wet applications only! 

HD copper web

New QuickChange White series diamonds - super soft bond for Super Hard Concrete

The new WHITE QuickChange tools featuring our softest bond segments cut the hardest concrete with ease! Offered with one or two rectangular segments, with Superabrasive standard QuickChange attachment.

x1s shc

The new generation LAVINA X grinders / polishers

The new LAVINA X series are here. With upgraded mechanics and planetary drive, the new grinders are more efficient, productive and user-friendly than ever before. 

At WOC 2015 Superabrasive Inc. unveiled the latest in the LAVINA line: LAVINA X floor grinding and polishing machines. The X series include a full range of models, from 7 inch and 13 inch edgers to 38-inch remote controlled propane model. Lavina machines are well-known as powerful, durable, versatile and very easy to use, but with efficiency at top priority, the most notable feature of the new X line is the minimized machine maintenance. New features include improved chain-driven planetary drive system with a new access window on the base for easy maintenance (on most models), improved handle lock technology for easy operation, improved water delivery system with metered water flow, and more. The self-propelled LAVINA 32M-X has been one of the most awaited models. It features a powerful 25 hp motor and almost 1000 lbs of grinding pressure (incl. weights). A second motor propels the machine forward, requiring very little physical effort of the operator and guaranteeing a steady floor processing speed. The new grinding and polishing machines are complemented by the LAVINA heavy duty industrial vacuums. Superabrasive has also added a new line of LAVINA burnishers, including two propanemodels - 27-inch and 36-inch, and one electric model (21-inch).

Introducing the new LAVINA® burnishers

The new LAVINA® burnishers will be showcased at the World of Concrete show in Las Vegas - Booth S12027 and O30842. LAVINA® B36G-S is a 36-inch propane model, and LAVINA® B21 is a 21-inch electric model. The 36-inch propane burnisher is a unique hybrid machine that can hone, polish, burnish, clean and mainatin. It is suer easy to use and will save you time on the job site. It features the largest 36-inch footprint, heavy duty bpody, superior dust collection system, planetary drive with 3x14-inch heads, smooth control and easy operation.