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LAVINA® Vacuums

LAVINA Vacuums are the perfect addition to your LAVINA surface preparation system. Our vacuum line includes several models in different size to match any grinder, large and small. With five vacuum sizes and two pre-separator models, this comprehensive line provides an efficient dust-collection solution for any floor grinding project, large and small. LAVINA dust collectors are offered in a variety of voltage options - 115V, 230V, 400V and 480Volt (see product data sheet for details). 

All LAVINA models are equipped with HEPA filters that trap the smallest, most dangerous-to-breath dust particles and prevent them from being released in the air, and protect workers from this major occupational health hazard. A must have for every professional contractor!

Our vacs feature the popular Longopac® bagging system for continuous bagging and easy disposal (except for V-16). Larger models, such as V-25L and V-32, feature multiple motors for increased CFM and pneumatic jet filter cleaning system, which provides clean airflow, and keeps the filter cartridge clean. This system is fully automatic and hands-free! Smaller models, such as V-20 and V-25 have a semi-automated filter cleaning.

 concrete vacuum models

See the Vacuum Product Data Sheet, with details about each vacuum model.

 Choose the appropriate vacuum or pre-separator for your LAVINA machine:

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LAVINA Vacuum Specifications (US models)

dust collectors specs chart

 * LAVINA Vacuums are also offered in additional voltage options for use outside the USA.