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Superabrasive introduces TROWEL SHINE.

Superabrasive has developed a new system for polishing concrete with power trowels - Trowel Shine. Trowel Shine is ideal for use on new or old industrial floors with large square footage where traditional grinding and polishing is not a good option due to timeframe, budget or other constraints.

  • Trowel Shine transforms your power trowel into a planetary grinding and polishing machine, and you can achieve the desired concrete finish, from matte to glossy, times faster compared to traditional polishing.
  • The Trowel Shine tool holders feature rotating head technology and flexible foam for an even tool wear and perfect balance.
  • Offers incredibly high productivity rates - over 10,000 square feet per hour per step.
  • Minimal start-up cost for power trowel owners who want to add polishing to their services - no need to buy new specialized equipment, all you need is a set of Trowel Shine tool holders and diamond tools.
  • Works with walk-behind and ride-on power trowels - choose from 10.63-inch and 14-inch tools holders, depending on the power trowel pan sizes and number of blades. 
  • Quick and easy tool changes with Superabrasive's top quality diamond pads with velcro backing - see below for tooling options.
  • Download Trowel Shine product data sheet.


Industrial warehouse floor Before & After the Trowel Shine system

  industrial floor before trowel shine polished with trowel shine system


TROWEL SHINE TOOL HOLDERS - 10.63" (#P02-FP-10.63) & 14" (#P02-FP-14)

Choose the size and number of Trowel Shine tool holders depending on your power trowel type, floating pans diameter and number of blades. Always match the number of tool holders to the number of the blades on your power trowel - on power trowel with 5 blades, it is best to install 5 tool holders. Make sure that the holders are spaced out evenly and do not stick out outside the pans. The tool holders come with installation templates and instructions to help you drill the holes correctly.  

trowel shine foam heads

Popular Trowel Shine set-ups:

trowel shine holders

How It Works:

installing holders drilling holes web installing holders on pan 2 web 

trowel shine process

Trowel Shine Tooling Steps

Evaluate the floor before selecting the diamond tooling - consider the concrete hardness, condition of the concrete, desired finish, etc. We recommend WET application for the process steps below - this will minimize the dust in the air and prolong the life of the diamond tools. During the first steps (200 grit and lower), our tools will work best when used wet with Consolideck First Cut. Consolideck┬« First Cut lifts concrete slurry solids away from the surface, suspends them, and clears the path for the diamonds, which increases efficiency and reduces clean up time between steps.


trowel shine hard concrete  


trowel shine soft concrete 2



If grinding is neccessary, start with the SA-MB metal bond grinding discs  - 3-inch, velcro-backed, offered in 46/70/120 grit.

Use 3 pcs on 10.63" holders and 5 pcs on 14" holders.

SA MB front SA MB front SA MB front


For maximum shine, continue with 1800 & 3500 grit V-Harr premium polishing pads or ShinePro pads. 

Apply a concrete sealer after 3500 grit, if needed, and burnish the floor with ShinePro BUFF pad. 

optional polishing steps