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You can also download our complete LAVINA product catalog.

LAVINA Concrete Grinding and Polishing System

The LAVINA line includes concrete grinding and polishing machines, concrete dust extractors, burnishers and diamond tools for a wide variety of floor applications from coating removal to floor maintenance on concrete, terrazzo, natural stone, overlays, etc.

Floor Machines

LAVINA X-Series grinders and polishing machines are a new generation of forced planetary machines that are more efficient and easier to use than ever before. LAVINA X models range from 16-inch to the largest 38-inch grinder, and two edge grinders (7-inch and 13-inch) are also available for working on edgers and corners. The Lavina line also includes two self-propelled grinders, a 25-inch and a 32-inch models, featuring a second motor that propels the machine forward with no effort from the operator and minimum risk of mistakes going too fast or too slow.

Features of LAVINA grinders: 

  • LAVINA line includes electrical and propane models, ranging from a compact 7-inch edger to our largest 38-inch propane grinder and polishing machine.
  • The new X models feature updated heads and forced planetary drive system, new access windows on the base for easy maintenance, metered water flow, new handle locking system for more stability, and more.
  • Easy to use and maintain. 
  • Versatile - Lavina machines can be used for floor prep, coatings removal, and polishing to any desired finish - cream only, exposed aggregates, mirror-like finish, etc.
  • The LP (Low Profile) models, the 30-inch propane L30G and the 30-inch electric L30L, are perfect for grinding and polishing big box stores, offices, warehouses with shelving and cabinets.
  • All LAVINA grinders work close to walls and edges.

Concrete Dust Extractors

Superabrasive offers a complete range of Hepa dust extractors with different CFM and size options to suit any grinder and project. The latest LAVINA X-series dust extractors include 1 propane vacuum and 4 electric models, all designed and manufactured by Superabrasive. Features include large filter areas, plus HEPA filters, automatic filter cleaning (except for V20-X which has manual filter cleaning), and Longopac bagging system for convenient dust disposal. 

Diamond Tools for concrete grinding, polishing and maintenance

Superabrasive has been manufacturing diamond tools since 1987, and is the only manufacturer in the industry to manufacture both the machines and tools. Superabrasive's extensive quality control procedures ensure that only the best diamond powder is used to produce our tooling. We are constantly adding new tooling solutions to improve concrete contractors' efficiency and productivity.