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LAVINA X-Series Concrete Grinders and Polishing Machines

The LAVINA X line includes propane and electric floor machines for grinding and polishing concrete, natural stone, terrazzo, overlays. With a forced planetary drive, LAVINA concrete grinders are well known for their durability, efficiency, versatililty and user-friendliness. 

Choose a LAVINA model to learn more, or scroll down for model features. You can also download the complete LAVINA CATALOG.

L38GR-propane-remote-concrete-grinder propane-32G-grinder L30G-propane-concrete-grinder template l25g web machines L32M grinder 32inch-six-head-concrete-grinder 25-inch-self-propelled-concrete-grinder 25inch-electric-floor-grinder 25-inch-electric-floor-grinder-10hp 20inch-electric-grinder-7.5hp 21inch-electric-grinder-110-volt 13-inch-walk-behind-edge-grinder 7-inch-concrete-edger-grinder  

The LAVINA X series range has machines for projects of all sizes. Our 30-inch and up grinders are most suitable for large commercial projects - L30 (propane and electric), L32, L32M (self-propelled) and L38GR X (propane remote-controlled); 25-inch grinders in the mid-size class - L25-X and L25L-X; 20-inch and under for small residential or commercial projects - L21-X, L20-X and L20N-X. Our LAVINA 30G concrete grinder has been one of the best propane machines on the market - it offers high productivity rates and literally zero time to set up on the jobsite, since no electrical wiring is needed. It features a low-profile base for reaching under cabinets and shelving, three large 13.5” heads, and 19 hp Kawasaki engine. Our latest addition to the propane equipment line is a 32-inch propane grinder L32G-X, a heavy duty grinding and polishing machine with a 32-inch foot print, six grinding heads, and integrated weights and adjustable grinding pressure up to 850lbs.

All models 25-inch and up are chain-driven forced planetary. Other new features include: updated heads design, metered water flow for more efficient wet grinding, improved handle locking technology for better stability, and a maintenance access window on the machine base for a quick and easy access to the mechanics of the machine (25” and up). 

The LAVINA 32M-X-HV is a self-propelled / motorized floor grinder, ideal for big commercial jobs. It features a large 32-inch foot print, with six 9-inch heads, a powerful 25 hp motor, and almost 1000lbs grinding pressure with weights. Its most notable feature though is the self-propelled movement, which guarantees a constant grinding speed and consistent scratch pattern. This minimizes the operator’s efforts as well as the risk of mistakes (going too fast or too slow), and improves productivity. We also offer a self-propelled grinder in 25-inch - L25LM-X, which is offered in two voltage options - 220 Volt and 480 V (hugh voltage).

For small residential projects and DIY-ers, the 110 Volt “economy” L21-X model is an ideal solution. It is a very light and compact machine, simple and easy to use, especially on small residential jobs.

Designed with efficiency at top priority, the new LAVINA X concrete grinders and polishers provide contractors with improved productivity rates and minimized maintenance.

30G-X-basel30G-grinding-heads 25-x-base-handleL25G X heads HD copper  water-sprayer L25G X base on concrete L32G X weights web  l30g x water spray machine-handle-lock water-meter L32 heads web