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LAVINA® 13-X Edge Grinder, 5 HP, 208-240V  


Our Lavina 13-X edger is a 13-inch walk behind single head concrete grinder that can be used for working in tight areas, and especially for grinding and polishing corners and edges.

A level on the head allows the operator to check the flatness of the floor during work. A new gage allows the operator to control the angle of the head against the floor, up to 4 degrees in each direction. This new system of adjustable head angles allows operators to blend edge work more evenly and eliminate lines. Rollers prevent the head from damaging walls, while allowing for the closest possible access to edges.

Features of Lavina 13-X Edge Grinder

13-inch head, 5 HP, 1 phase, 200-240V, weight - 271 lbs, grinding pressure - 64 lbs

Controls include a forward/reverse option

Adjustable handle, halogen light, optional water tank and water delivery system with a pump and front spray 


L13-grinding-headRecommended Tools

For grinding: QuickChange Single or Double button / segment metals, SA Metal Bond discs, Calibra discs

For polishing: 3" NATO® resins (6 per head) and 13'' V-Harr® polishing pads




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