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LAVINA 20-X and 20N-X Electric Grinders, 20-inch / 510-mm

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Lavina 20 is a small but efficient grinding and polishing machine, ideal for residential and small commercial jobs. It is easy to use and transport, and fits easily through standard doors. 

L20 control panel

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L20 Grinder Features:

  • Lavina 20 is available in two different motor / horsepower options - L20X with a 4 hp motor (single phase, 200-240V) and L20N-X with a 7.5 hp motor (1 or 3 phase, 200-240V). 
  • 3x9" grinding heads; machine weight - 380 lbs, grinding pressure - 200 lbs (296 lbs with weights). 
  • Forced planetary drive  and updated grinding heads for more efficient access to the main belt and easier maintenance.
  • New locking system on the handle for easy and tight handle adjustment.
  • New larger pneumatic wheels with gray rubber to eliminate tire marks.
  • Machine can be taken apart in two pieces for easier lifting and transportation.


Recommended Tools

For grinding: QuickChange metal bond tools (single segment), Calibra discs

For polishing: 3" NATO® resins and 9'' V-Harr® polishing pads




Product Data Sheets


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