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LAVINA® 21-X, 110-Volt Grinding and Polishing Machine


Lavina 21-X is a 21-inch / 510-mm forced planetary grinding and polishing machine, ideal for rental stores, homeowners and DIY-ers. Lavina 21 is lightweight, easy to use and transport, and it runs on 110 volt, so it is perfect for residential projects.




L21-X Grinder Features

- Variable speed, 2.45 HP motor, 110 Volt, 15 Amps (not for GFI);

- Three 7-inch grinding heads, forced planetary drive;

- Can be used for both dry and wet applications;


Recommended Tools

For grinding and honing: QuickChange Metal bond tools (single button), 7-in Waffel Rings

For polishing: 7-in V-Harr® polishing pads





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