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LAVINA 25-X Electric Grinding and Polishing Machine, 25-inch / 655-mm

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LAVINA 25-X is a 25-inch / 655-mm concrete grinder, one of the most popular Lavina models. It is a chain-driven forced planetary machine with three 9-inch heads. It can be used for a variety of floor applications from coating removal and prep to polishing. It is easy to use and transport, and fits easily through all standard doors.

  L25G X heads HD copper   L25G X heads vharr


  • Now with a new upgraded skirt with a brush for a better dust control on the jobsite
  • 10 HP motor, 1 or 3 phase, 200-240 Volt. Also offered with a 15 hp motor - see L25L-X model
  • Access window on top of the machine base for faster maintenance
  • Metered water flow for more efficient wet grinding and polishing
  • Fully adjustable handle bar



For grinding: QuickChange Metal bond tools (single segment), Calibra discs, HD Copper discs

For polishing: 3" NATO resins, 9'' V-Harr polishing pads




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