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LAVINA 30G-X/FX Propane Grinding and Polishing Machine, 30-inch / 765-mm

L30G-FX-side-view L30G-FX-front-view


LAVINA 30G-X/FX is one of our best selling concrete grinders! It can be used for all grinding and polishing applications of concrete, terrazzo, stone, etc. It is super efficient and productive, and because it is a propane model, it does not require any cables, wiring or generators, and takes zero time to set up on the job site!

This concrete grinder is forced chain-driven planetary machine which makes it more rigid and aggressive for grinding. We have also upgraded the belt from poly V belt to a timing belt, which prevents belt slippage and eliminates the need for belt tensioning, which makes it easier to maintain.

LAVINA 30G-X can be ordered also as a 25-inch grinder - LAVINA 25G-X with three standard 9-inch heads (without the low-profile base). 


Features of Lavina 30G-X/FX

- A low-profile base for reaching beneath shelves and cabinets;

- Propane-powered Kawasaki engine FX600V, 603cc;

- Chain-driven planetary system for increasing the ease of maintenance;

- New easy access on top and bottom for quick access to the chain drive;

- Three 13.2” QuickChange tooling plates / heads for more efficient access to the the mechanics of the machine;

- New frame for more durability;

- New locking system on the base and main handles for more efficient handle adjustment;

- Metered water flow for more efficient grinding and polishing.

30-inch-propane-machine-grinding-heads L30G X heads proane-chain-driven-machine L30G X control 

LAVINA 25G-X with three 9-inch heads:

L25G X base on concrete l25g x heads L25G X heads HD copper L25G X heads vharr    


Recommended Tools

For grinding: QuickChange Metal bond tools (double-segment), Calibra Ceramic discs, HD Copper discs

For polishing: 3" NATO resins and 13.2'' V-Harr polishing pads (9" for L25G-X)

For maintenance: 13.2'' ShinePro diamond pads (9" for L25G-X)




Product Data Sheets


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