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LAVINA 25L-X Electric Grinding and Polishing Machine, 25-in/655-mm



LAVINA 25L-X is a very productive and versatile machine that is heavy and powerful enough for grinding large areas as well as easy to maneuver for working on smaller jobs. It is a 25-inch, 3-head forced planetary grinder, with a 15 HP motor, and three standard 9-inch heads for grinding and polishing. Lavina 25L can be converted to 30-inch with three 13.2-inch heads, and a low profile base, designed to reach beneath cabinets and shelving. A great solution for big box store projects.




Features of Lavina 25L-X:

- 3x9" heads, 15 hp;

- 3 phase, 220V, 45 Amp; Also offered in high voltage - 380/480 V, 30 Amp;

- Machine weight - 660 lbs; Grinding pressure - 404 lbs (532 lbs with weights);

- Chain-driven forced planetary drive;

- New easy access on top and bottom for quick and easy access to the mechanics of the machine;

- New frame for more durability;

- New locking system on the base and main handles for more efficient handle adjustment;

- Metered water flow for more efficient grinding and polishing.


Recommended Diamond Tools

For grinding: QuickChange metal bond segments, SA-Superthick Metal discs, Calibra® ceramic discs, HD Copper

For polishing: NATO®, HD Resins and V-Harr® polishing pads



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