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LAVINA® 38GR-X Propane Grinding and Polishing Machine


L38GR X 2017 with RCThe L38GR-X is a real grinding beast! With a 38-inch foot print and three 13.2-inch grinding heads, it is our heaviest and most powerful grinder. It combines the convenience of a remote control with the flexibility of a propane engine, and ioffers one of the highest grinder productivity rates in the industry.

Ideal for large commercial projects, where power may not be available.


Features of Lavina 38GR-X

- The remote-control allows the operator to move vacuum, adjust vacuum cable, check floor, etc., while operating the grinder at a steady speed and rpms. No need to stand behind the machine and no pushing. 

- Since it runs on propane, there is no need for expensive generators and no messing with heavy cords.

- Integrated weights and adjustable grinding pressure up to 790 lbs; machine weight - 1346 lbs.

- The double chain-driven planetary system provides more durable planetary rotation and reduced maintenance, resulting in higher efficiency and productivity.

- Updated main heads driving system with two timing belts allows for a more aggressive grinding.

- A service cover on the top side of the machine base provides a quick and easy access to the drive system and faster chain maintenance.

 L38GR X remote K L38GR X heads web L38GR X chain drive window web


Recommended Tools

For grinding: QuickChange double button metal bond tools, Calibra discs, HD Copper discs

For polishing: 3" NATO® and 13.2'' V-Harr® polishing pads




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