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LAVINA®25LM-X, Self-Propelled Grinding and Polishing Machine

25-inch-self-propelled-grinderLAVINA 25LM-X is a 25-inch SELF-PROPELLED (motorized) grinder and polisher, featuring a 2nd motor which propels the machine forward. The self-propelled motion allows the floor manager on the job site to set all machines with the same feed rate and speed/rpms for consistent scratch pattern. The operator needs to just glide the machine in the right direction with almost no effort. This features saves time and minimizes the risk of operator's mistakes.



Features of L25LM-X

- Work path - 25-inch; Three 9-inch heads, 15 HP motor; Weight - 695 lbs; Grinding pressure - 370 lbs;

- L25LM-X is offered in 3 phase 200-240 V and also in high voltage 380-480 V

- Entirely new chain driven planetary system, designed to provide more durable planetary rotation and reduced maintenance, resulting in higher efficiency and productivity;

- Updated main heads driving system and a new access window on the top side of the machine base for a quick access to the drive system and faster belt maintenance.


Recommended Tools

For grinding: QuickChange metal bond tools, HD (3"), Calibra (3")

For polishing: NATO® and 9'' V-Harr® polishing pads 





Product Data Sheets


LAVINA Grinding and Polishing machines:


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