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Superabrasive offers a wide variety of accessories for LAVINA machines - tool holders, foam plates, backer heads, lippage holders, weights, etc., as well as "conversion" tool holder plates for other grinders / polishers, including HTC, Husqvarna, Sase, Scanmaskin, Edco, STI, and more.

LAVINA Grinding & Polishing Tool Box

Ideal for storing and carrying your metal and resin diamond tools!

Fits up to 45 pcs QuickChange metal tools AND 72 pcs 3-inch resin pucks.

tool box side tool box frontgrinding tool box

Adapter Plates - Metal plates for QuickChange tooling and Foam Plates for Velcro backed tools

With Superabrasive's adapter plates, you can easily switch to our tooling, no matter what grinder you have! We offer plates for HTC, Sase, Husqvarna, Edco, Diamatic, STI / PrepMaster, Klindex, Edco, and other floor grinders, as well as a universal bolt-on tool adapter. 

plate for htc 10.63 plate for husqvarna 10.63fp-htc-10.63fp-husq-10.63fp-diam-9.5

#XP-HTC-9 - QuickChange Metal Plate for HTC500 & HTC650
#XP-HTC-10.63 - QuickChange Metal Plate for HTC800, HTC950, SASE6000 & 8000
#FP-HTC-9 - Foam Plate for HTC500 & HTC650
#FP-HTC-10.63 - Foam / Velcro Tool Holder Plate for HTC800, HTC950, SASE6000 & 8000

#XP-HUSQ-9 -QuickChange Metal Plate for Husqvarna PG530 & PG680
#XP-HUSQ-10.63 - QuickChange Metal Plate for Husqvarna PG820 & PG950
#FP-HUSQ-9 - Foam / Velcro Tool Holder Plate for Husqvarna PG530 & PG680
#FP-HUSQ-10.63 - Foam / Velcro Tool Holder Plate for Husqvarna PG820 & PG950

For other plates not listed here, please contact a LAVINA distributor

"Universal bolt-on" QuickChange Tool Adapter for other floor machines


QC HolderFeatures three standard threaded holes for easy bolting - just bolt on your machine heads and start using our QuickChange tools. Fits any Superabrasive QuickChange tool, with the same magnetic and dovetail security as our QuickChange plates.

LAVINA Foam Plates for attaching velcro backed tools

LAVINA Foam Plates are ideal solution to attach Velcro-backed tooling to your LAVINA floor grinder. They are offered in different diameters, incl. 7", 9", 13.2". 

Weights for LAVINA floor grinders

The additional machine weights increase the grinding pressure of your LAVINA grinders, boosting your grinding power and helping you to cut more aggressively on tough floors. LAVINA grinder weights are horseshoe style and are offered in two sizes - 24 lbs (for L20, 20N and 25 SPS only machines) and 64 lbs weights (all LAVINA 25-inch and up). L32G-X and L38GR-X machines have integrated weights, so you do not need separate weights.

Lippage Holders 

Aluminum Lippage Holders for attaching vecro backed tools in 4in and 83mm sizes.