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ShinePro® Diamond System for Floor Restoration and Maintenance

The ShinePro diamond system consists of diamond pads and screens, and provides outstanding results on polished concrete, natural stone, terrazzo, VCT, resin floors and overlays. ShinePro is one of the most versatile and efficient solutions for floor restoration and maintenance. It does not require any special equipment, or the use of any chemicals, and therefore it is also a very environmentally friendly solution. The ShinePro system can be used with plain water or with a neutral ph soap for daily cleaning.


The ShinePro diamond pads come in 5 grit sizes - 220, 400, 800, 1800 and Buff, but most maintenance schedules require a single step - ShinePro BUFF. ShinePro BUFF is a fine grit diamond pad for micro polishing and mechanically cleaning sealed and non-sealed floors. It is ideal for daily autoscubbing as well as for periodic burnishing. It will improve the floor shine, without removing sealers or wax, or causing any orange peel effect. ShinePro pads can be used dry on high speed burnishers, and wet on auto scrubbers, buffers, swing machines, grinders and other floor machines.

ShinePro screens are ideal for aggressive cleaning and restoration of floors that might otherwise require a lower grit resin step. Typically, you can start with 600 grit diamond screens and continue with ShinePro pads. Heavily etched floors may require starting with 400 or 220 grit screens.

ShinePro screens are offered in many diameters: 13", 14", 15", 16", 17", 18", 20", 21", 24" and 27", and can be used on weighted swing machines for smaller areas, or burnishers and autoscrubbers for larger areas.

Grit sizes: 220, 400 and 600 grit. 

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ShinePro Floor Maintenance Guide

Polished Concrete Maintenance:

Clean daily with ShinePro BUFF pads using an autoscrubber, and burnish periodically (weekly or monthly). For slightly dull and high traffi c areas, burnish with ShinePro 1800.


Concrete Light & Medium Restoration:

Begin with ShinePro 800 or 1800 grit for light restoration, or 400 grit for medium restoration. Scrub daily with each grit fi nishing with ShinePro BUFF. A high speed burnisher can be used for faster resuts and higher gloss.


Spot Repair for Concrete Floors:

Start with ShinePro Screens 600 grit using a buffer, burnisher or autoscrubber. Heavily etched floors may require 400 grit.


Natural Stone Floor Maintenance:

Clean daily with ShinePro BUFF. Lower grits may be added prior to this step, depending on the level of polish already present.


VCT Floor Maintenance:

Clean daily and burnish weekly with ShinePro BUFF. To remove scratches and yellowing of wax start with 1800 grit, or 800 grit for dark yellowing and heavy staining. To strip wax or clean tile, start with 220 or 400 grit. The ShinePro VCT process offers outstanding results and cost savings. It will extend the life of wax with daily maintenance and cut labor and chemical cost in half.


Ceramic Tiles Maintenance:

Clean daily with ShinePro 800, 1800, and BUFF. Start with 400 grit, if there is residue present.


Resin Floor Maintenance:

Clean daily with ShinePro 1800 and BUFF pads.