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New! 3-Step Concrete Polishing System

With the new LAVINA three-step concrete polishing system you can polish concrete in just 3 easy steps! Incredible savings of time and money!

Our 3-step system can be used on any concrete and any floor grinder using the standard velcro attachment. Floors should be prepped / cut to 120 grit metal or hybrid step, and densified prior starting with step #1.

3step polishing system for concrete


HD Resin Polishing Pads

The HD (heavy duty) resin polishing pads feature a new resin bond and matrix designed for extra durability and long life even under the heaviest grinders. The HD resin pads are not suitable for use with light grinding machines (under 25-inch).
Use the HD resins DRY for best results and tool life.

Offered in 3 and 4 inch size, with velcro backing, in a full range of grit sizes from 30 to 3000;


* We also offer HD pads in Copper bond, which is ideal as the 1st cut on big box retail projects. Please go to HD Copper pads for details.


V-HARR® Premium Polishing Pads

- V-Harr felt diamond pads are one of Superabrasive’s most versatile and successful diamond tools for concrete polishing. V-Harr pads are also ideal for polishing terrazzo and hard stone floors.
- Featuring a special combination of felt, resin, and diamonds for a premium shine;
- V-Harr pads are available in a full grit range from 50 to 8500 / Buff;
- Offered in a wide variety of sizes from 5-inch up to 14-inch, and can be used with all popular grinding and polishing machines on the market;
- V-Harr polishing pads should be used DRY on concrete! However, they will produce remarkable gloss results on black granite when used wet.


Nato® Resin Discs

- Superabrasive's Nato resin pucks are a great tool choice for soft and hard concrete polishing applications.
- Among the thickest diamond pads on the market - featuring a thick 12mm layer of resin and diamonds for extra long life;
Wide channels and a unique patented design allow for work on a cleaner surface, ensuring a quality polish;
- We recommend a minimum of three discs per head for optimum performance;
- Offered in separate bonds for wet and dry applications; can be produced in white resin only, especially for polishing light surfaces;
- Available in 3 and 4 inch sizes, with standard velcro backing;


WAFFEL Polishing Pads 


The Waffel resin pads are a quick change style polishing pads - they require only one tool change per head, saving operators valuable time.
- Can be used wet or dry; 
- Offered in 7-inch and 9-inch size in a full range of grit sizes - from 30 up to 3000 grit;
- The 7 Inch WAFFELs feature a double segmented resin ring (two rows) for use on the LAVINA 7 edger machine and LAVINA 16;
- The 9 Inch WAFFELs feature a triple segmented resin ring (three rows) for use under bigger, heavier machines such as LAVINA 25 and LAVINA 32;
- Also available in a special HP (high performance) bond for extra hard concrete applications. The Waffle HP bond pads must be used dry only.

T-BONE® polishing pads


- T-Bone® resin pads are similar to the NATO® pads but are slightly thinner, which makes them a more economical option for quality floor polishing. They perform great on both concrete and natural stone surfaces.
- Can be used wet or dry;
- Offered in a 3 inch size, with standard velcro backing;



SA3 HP & HP65 Superthick Discs


- Superabrasive's SA3 pads feature a special high performance resin bond, and are extremely durable and can withstand the weight of heavier machines, 1000 lbs and more;
- Standard HP pads are designed exclusively for hard concrete applications (use them DRY only!), whereas the HP65 pads are designed for softer concrete and more porous floors.

3N HP Pads for Polishing Concrete Countertops*

For polishing STONE countertops, check out our stone polishing tool section.

3N High performance polishing pads for countertops

Superabrasive's 3N-HP pads are an ideal solution for concrete countertop professionals. These pads are available in 4 and 5 inch sizes, with standard velcro backing and are designed for dry applications only.