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Diamond Tools for Concrete Floor Grinding

QuickChange Metal Bond Tools | SA Metal Discs | Brazed Pads for Lippage Removal 

For additional information and part numbers, please download our complete LAVINA CATALOG.

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QuickChange Metal Bond Segment Tools



Superabrasive's QuickChange metal bond segments are among the best diamonds for floor grinding on the market. They come in several metal bonds designed specifically for the different types of concrete hardness:

  • YELLOW segments - for Soft concrete, typically under 2500 psi
  • GREY segments - for Medium concrete, between 2500 and 4000 psi
  • RED segments - for Hard concrete, between 4000 and 5500 psi
  • GOLD segments - for Extra Hard Concrete, over 5500 psi
  • WHITE segments - for Super Hard concrete, over 7000 psi 

The QC metal bond diamonds are offered with one and two round or rectangular / bar segments. Choosing between one or two segments allows the operator to control the speed and aggressiveness of the cut. Two button / segment tools are designed for heavier machines, and are not recommended for machines smaller than 25 inches. Single button / segment tools are designed for lighter machines, or where aggressive stock removal is required. We recommend using single-segment tools for the first step even with heavier machines for faster opening of the concrete.

The Quick Change tool design for Lavina X machines fits also LAVINA S and LAVINA Pro models, but the old QuickChange tools designed for S and Pro machines are not compatible with the new X machines. All QC tools easily slide in and out of the metal grinding heads, with no bolting required and no separate plates needed.

We offer a variety of tooling plates for other manufacturers' floor grinders as well, including HTC, Husqvarna, SASE, Scanmaskin, so you can easily switch to using Superabrasive's QuickChange metal tools with almost any grinder.
Metal plates and foam plates for other grinders.


SA Superthick Metal Bond Discs


The SA Superthick Metal bond discs are ideal for grinding concrete, terrazzo, stone, self-leveling and overlay floors. The unique metal bond of the SA superthick discs offers smooth scratch pattern for an even floor finish.

  • Offered in 3 and 4 inch sizes, with standard velcro backing for wet use only; Now available also with the QuickChange metal attachment, and can be used wet and dry.

Cementina Metal Bond Discs


Another option for grinding hard concrete is using the Cementina metal bond discs.  For soft concrete/terrazzo grinding, we recommend the special Cementina terrazzo bond.  Cementina grinding discs are best suited for lightweight machines, such as LAVINA 16 and LAVINA 20.  Cementina achieves a very smooth and uniform finish, preparing the floor for resin polishing steps, if desired. Recommended for wet applications only.


Brazed Pads for Lippage Removal


Superabrasive's brazed pads are recommended for lippage grinding, floor leveling, and thin coating removal and they perform excellent on concrete, natural, and engineered stone. 

These brazed pads are with velcro backing and should be used wet only. The Cementina brazed pads are offered in 3 and 4 inch sizes, in 30, 50, 100, 200 grit.