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Propane Planetary Burnisher LAVINA B36G-S, 36-inch / 915-mm

You think this is just another burnisher? THINK AGAIN! LB36G-S is a one of a kind HYBRID floor machine - floor restoration, deep cleaning, daily maintenance, honing and polishing, burnishing, you can do it all with LB36G-S. And with a 36-inch footprint and forced planetary drive, it gets the job done faster. It can be used on concrete, terrazzo and other natural stone floors, as well as overlays, VCT and resin floors.

See LB36G-S in action.

LB36GS planetary burnisher

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LB36G-S made by Superabrasive is possibly the most efficient and versatile propane burnisher on the market. And, the only PLANETARY burnisher.  

Machine features:

 - 36-inch work path with 3 x 14-inch heads;

- Heavy duty construction with 617 lbs machine weight;

- A low-profile base for buffing and polishing under racks and shelving; 

- Powered by a Kawasaki Engine FS481 V with Low Oil Shut Down and Safety Regulator Fuel System;

- LB36G-S burnisher can be used wet or dry - has the same water delivery system (with pump and front spray) as LAVINA grinding and polishing machines; also, it has a superior dust collection system with a vacuum turbine;

- Smooth control and easy operation;

- Recommended tools - 14-inch Shine Pro diamond screens and pads


LAVINA B-21 Electric Burnisher, 21-inch / 533-mm

The LB-21 is a 21-inch /533-mm electric burnisher, made by Superabrasive, and is ideal for job sites where propane equipment is not allowed. 

LB21-electric-burnisher-21-inchMachine features:

- 220 V model with a powerful 10 hp motor;

- LB-21 can be used wet or dry;

- Smooth control and easy to use;

Recommended tools - 21-inch Shine Pro diamond screens and pads


 lavina b21 burnisher specification