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New OSHA Regulations

Concrete grinding creates a lot of dust which could be hazardous. OSHA has released its final ruling on crystalline silica exposure which became effective on Sept 23, 2017, and employers are required to take measures to control silica dust exposure. To conform the new regulations, contractors should use one of the following work methods when grinding concrete:

  • Grind wet, i.e. use water to minimize airborn dust - all Lavina grinders are equipped with integrated water delivery system that continuously feeds water to the grinding surface.
  • Grind dry and use dust collection systems - make sure the dust extractor is appropriate for the grinder you are using. See reference guide below. Lavina X dust extractors are equipped with air filters and Hepa filter(s) with efficiency of 99.99% at 0.3 microns, and a filter-cleaning mechanism. Lavina dust extractors are also equipped with Longopac bagging system for easier and safer dust disposal.
  • Use protective masks or respirators which are approved for use with silica dust and conform government regulations.

Download our OSHA Compliance Guide.



The new LAVINA-X series of concrete dust extractors, all manufactured by Superabrasive, provide contractors with a more efficient dust extraction solution for a safer work environment. They feature powerful CFM, automatic filter cleaning (except V20-X), large filter areas, plus Hepa filters with efficiency at 99.99% at 0.3 microns. Hepa filters trap the smallest, most dangerous-to-breathe dust particles, preventing them from being released in the air, and protect workers from this major occupational health hazard. All models come with a Longopac continuous bagging system for safer and easier dust disposal. They are also equipped with antistatic hoses with a metal Camlock hose connector, a floor wand and dry bush.


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  • Automatic filter cleaning system - no need to stop working for filter cleaning.
  • An adjustable filter cleaning interval - filter will self-clean more frequently when grinding and less frequently when polishing.
  • An option for "forced" cleaning when needed, plus, an option for manual cleaning in emergencies.
  • 410 CFM with a powerful turbine; water lift - 120 in.  
  • Integrated pre-separator for more efficient dust collection.  
  • Main filter area with 15 filter socks, and 26 square feet filter surface.
  • 2 x HEPA filters H13, and 54 square feet Hepa filter surface.
  • Propane engine Kawasaki FX600V, 19 hp.
  • Easy access to the filters for reduced maintenance.
  • Longopac bagging system for convenient dust disposal.
  • Comes equipped with 2 antistatic hoses with metal camlock hose connectors, a floor wand, dry floor brush, and rubber cuff.

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  • Superabrasive's new X-Series electric dust extractors are offered in several models in different voltage options, including 115V, 230V, 400V and 480Volt - see DUST EXTRACTORS datasheet for details. 
  • All models are equipped with HEPA filters H13 with efficiency at 99.99% at 0.3 microns.
  • Automatic filter cleaning (except V20-X). On larger models, the filter cleaning interval can be adjusted, depending on the grinding project. There is also an option for forced cleaning when needed.
  • V32-X and V25L-X feature powerful turbines. There is no compressor to mess with, which translates in less maintenance time and expenses.
  • Longopac® bagging system for continuous bagging and easy disposal. 
  • Manual filter cleaning can be performed in case of emergencies.

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 * LAVINA Vacuums are also offered in 400V.