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one floor maintenance program

NEW! Introducing the ONE FLOOR maintenance program for polished concrete floors.

The One Floor maintenance program developed by industry leaders Superabrasive, Prosoco and NSS, equips you with the right tools for the right job to keep your polished concrete floors cleaner, brighter and safer for years to come. The program can be customized to your floor, no matter if it is polished concrete, terrazzo, natural stone, VCT or other. Evaluate the condition of your floor and decide what level of service it requires, from routine daily maintenance to heavy restoration. With One Floor, you can repair small problems before they become big problems, using your standard equipment and in house crews, without the need to outsource expensive restoration work. Learn more about ONE FLOOR maintenance program.

ShinePro® Diamond System for Floor Restoration and Maintenance.

The ShinePro diamond system consists of diamond pads and screens, and provides outstanding results on polished concrete, natural stone, terrazzo, VCT, resin floors and overlays. ShinePro is one of the most versatile and efficient solutions for floor restoration and maintenance. It does not require any special equipment, and can be used with your existing floor maintenance equipment (scrubbers, burnishers, buffers, etc.), dry or wet with plain water or a neutral ph soap for daily cleaning.

  • Repair traffic patterns, low gloss and stains before they become more costly issues.
  • Use in-house maintenance crews or existing maintenance contractor to do light restoration work, without the need for special equipment or training.
  • Minimize the need to hire specialized contractors for refurnishing work and extend the lifecycle of your floors.
  • One size does not fit all - we offer complete floor care solutions tailored to your floor needs.