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Diamond tools for stone fabrication

Superabrasive Inc. offers a wide variety of diamond tools for the stone fabrication industry, including the popular GlossFire polishing discs for flat edge and multi edge polishing (previously called TORO), CNC tooling, HEXO Jr. sintered and brazed router bits, sink wheels, core bits, finger bits, turbo cups, polishing pads, and more for grinding and polishing marble, granite, engineered stone, etc.

Please choose from the popular product categories below, or download a copy of our Stone Products Catalog.


GlossFire Flat Edge and Multi Edge polishing discs


GlossFire is one of the most effective solutions for fabricating and polishing countertops. The Glossfire Flat polishing discs / wheels are designed for polishing straight edges, and they can be used with any in-line flat (straight) edge polishing machine using a snail lock attachment, such as machines manufactured by Marmo Meccanica, Sasso Meccanica (Flying Flat, Flat 62, Flat 8.4, Flat 10.4), Park Industries (Fastback), Montesor (Lola) and others. The GlossFire Multi Edge polishing discs / wheels work with any in-line multi edge polishing machine using the popular snail lock adapter, including Marmo Meccanica (LTH & LTT), Sasso Meccanica (TE Experience & RCM Multi head), Park Industries (Velocity), Montesor (Luna) etc., and they will polish all edge profiles that the machine is capable to fabricate and optimize the productivity cycle by achieving ready-to-install countertops with a single pass.


Lippage Tools


Superabrasive's Cementina brazed pads are ideal for prepping the surface for grinding,  floor leveling and thin coating removal, and work excellent on natural and engineered stone, as well as on concrete. 


Flexible Electroplated Pads


Our flexible electroplated pads are ideal for fine grinding and honing of natural stone, engineered stone, and fine wood surfaces, but they perform best on softer natural stones such as marble, travertine, limestone, and onyx. They can be used with various floor machines and hand grinders.

Tools for Cutting and Shaping


Razor ceramic Pads, 3N Copper Discs, Turbo Cups and other tooling options for aggressive stock removal, grinding and shaping stone stone surfaces.


CNC Tools

cnc combo

The only CNC tooling system featuring a 6mm layer of diamonds on each profile wheel, including the polishing steps, ensuring the longest tool life in the industry. Available exclusively through Braxton Bragg.


Sintered Router Bits

metal bond router bits

Superabrasive's router bits are an affordable line of router bits engineered to provide a full-edge all around quality finish. They work equally well on most hand-held router machines available on the market, including Hercules, Predator, etc.


Brazed Router Bits

Brazed Router Bits 3

Core Bits

Core Bits


Backers, Holders and Adapters


A variety of aluminum and rubber backers and holders provide solid pad support for an even polish.


Zero Tolerance Cutters


Superabrasive's Zero Tolerance Cutters are ideal for stock removal and cut-out fabrication, and work great on radial arm machines.

Sink Wheels


Our sintered (Metal Bond) sink wheels are designed to run smooth and chip-free on natural and engineered stones and are the perfect tool for starting the polishing process.