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Core Bits, Brazed and Sintered, and Anchor Bits

  • Superabrasive's vacuum brazed core bits are designed for both wet and dry applications and perform excellently, especially on marble.
  • They are very convenient for job sites where water is unavailable.
  • All core bits have an extended diamond side for additional shaping during cutting.
  • Available in 3/8 inch shank, 5/8-11 or M14 thread.




Anchor Bits

Superabrasive's anchor bits are the perfect bits for securing countertops and undermount sinks. They are available in various sizes, and will drill approximately 50 holes.

The HERCULES® Pneumatic Anchor System is a lightweight, simple to operate anchor system for drilling anchor channels into the back of the stone countertops. It produces a very precise channel for anchor bolts in 40 seconds and guarantees a secure undermount sink installation. HERCULES® Pneumatic Anchor System works with the same precision on all types of stone, natural and engineered.

Anchor Bits