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Superabrasive's CNC Tools

The only CNC tooling system featuring a 6mm layer of diamonds on each profile wheel, including the polishing steps, ensuring the longest tool life in the industry.



  • Seven step system
  • Diamond layered technology
  • Longest tool life
  • Faster because of uniform diamonds and hardness of bond
  • All profile wheels are balanced & carefully inspected
  • Standard 35mm bore size


  • Only six steps - 4 metal and 2 resin polishing steps - to complete the job faster than any other CNC system on the market
  • All tooling is accompanied by data sheets with complete set-up information including precalibrated setting parameters, detailed operating information, and maintenance instructions
  • All tools are carefully balanced and inspected by strict quality control standards
  • Superabrasive is the only CNC tool manufacturer with the ability to redress the metal and polishing steps for continued use
  • Superabrasive has a highly trained on-site technical support team available for assistance via telephone and e-mail
  • For more information, including drawings and parameters for all profiles, review our CNC Catalog

Hexo CNC set

Hexo CNC tooling

Superabrasive offers a wide variety of CNC profiles:

Most popular profiles:

  • Two Types Of Radius Profiles
  • Ogee Straight
  • Double Eased
  • Bevel
  • Full Bullnose
  • Demi Bullnose
  • Straight


Segmented Position "0" for CNC Tooling

  • Customized for each individual profile, our segmented position “0” steps are ideal for removing just the right amount of material from the stone before beginning with traditional step 1
  • While this position is optional, we guarantee that it will increase the life of the entire set of tools by reducing wear, and make cutting with step 1 even faster and more efficient than beforesegmented-position

CNC Breaker Bits

  • Our breaker bits are segmented diamond tools designed for stock removal and pre-cutting, and an optional step and (should be followed by position "0")
  • The Single breaker is recommended for the following profiles: A3-R15, A4, B2, B3, BR3, E2, E3-C24, F2, F3, FG3, FV3, FV4, FZ3, H3, O3, O/S3; optional for the following profiles: A3-R10, E3-C9, E4
  • The Double breaker is recommended for the following profiles: V2, V3, V4; optional for the following profiles: C3, FGS4
  • Zero Tolerance Z breaker is an optional step that compensates for the finger bit or bridge saw by removing additional material on the stone that is left behind, and eliminates the need to frequently replace and re-calibrate the finger bit. May be used before position “0” for every HEXO® CNC profile.

Item Number

Slab Thickness (mm)

  Rotation Speed (rpm)

  Over Material (mm/in)

  Feed (mm/in)





1000-1500 (40-60)





760-1500 (30-60)





  1000-1500 (40-60)


CNC Tool Holders

cnc-tool-holdersSuperabrasive offers CNC tool holders for different CNC machines, including Brembana, Bavelloni, and Intermac. Call us for additional information.


Additional Tools for CNC Applications: finger bits, core bits, sink wheels, adaptors


TWe offer finger bits for soft and hard materials (the “hard” and “soft” designations in our finger bit item numbers refer only to the type of material for which the bits are designed to work; it does not refer to the hardness of the bond on the tool).

These ½ Gas, zero vibrations, long lasting finger bits will work on any CNC machine. They come with a center water feed and are used for wet applications only.

The orange bit in the photo is designed for soft material, and the one for hard material is bright yellow.

Tech Stuff:

  • Slab Thickness (mm): 20-30-40
  • Rotation Speed (RPM): 5000
  • Over Material (mm/in): 1.5/0.06
  • Feed (mm/in): 380-500 (15-20)


We also offer a new finger bit with twin segment, 23mm x 40mm, for soft material! Call Superabrasive for more information.