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Brazed Pads for Lippage Removal

brazed pads

  • Lippage removal is an important first step in prepping the floor surface for grinding
  • Superabrasive's CEM brazed pads may also be used for floor leveling and thin coating removal
  • CEM brazed pads pads work well on concrete, natural, and engineered stone
  • Must be used wet
  • Available in 3 and 4 inch sizes

3-inch CEM brazed pads for lippage removal: 

CEM3-030BR (3 inch, 30 grit)

CEM3-050BR (3 inch, 50 grit)

CEM3-100BR (3 inch, 100 grit)

CEM3-200BR (3 inch, 200 grit)

4-inch CEM brazed pads for lippage removal:

CEM4-030BR (4 inch, 30 grit)

CEM4-050BR (4 inch, 50 grit)

CEM4-100BR (4 inch, 100 grit)

CEM4-200BR (4 inch, 200 grit)