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Router Bits

  • An affordable line of router bits engineered to provide a full-edge all around quality finish
  • Work equally well on most hand-held router machines available on the market
  • For more information, including item numbers, description and parameters, review our Stone Products Catalog. Call or email us to request a hard copy.


Featuring six steps:

  • POSITION 1: Metal Bond/Sintered Router Bit - this very aggressive and long lasting first step is exclusively developed for quick stock removal and rough edge shaping.
  • POSITION 2: Metal Bond/Sintered Router Bit - this second step further shapes the edge profile, cleans out all the roughness and leaves a smooth honed finish on the edge.
  • POSITION 3: Metal Bond/Sintered Router Bit - position 3 Sintered Bit smooths out the edge, eliminates the lines and sets the foundation for the polishing steps.
  • POSITION 4: Resin Bond Router Bit - the first of the three polishing steps takes out all the scratches and begins to polish the edge.
  • POSITION 5: Resin Bond Router Bit - the second polishing step continues smoothing out the polish and ensures a fine line-free finish.
  • POSITION 6: Resin Bond Router Bit - the final polishing step finishes the polishing process and leaves a smooth superb end result.

Positions 1 & 2 come with bearings to be used according to their application-as a single bit or as part of the six step system. Position 3 comes without a bearing, which provides for complete scratch removal; it sets the profile foundation for the polishing steps. Please DO NOT apply too much pressure, when using step 3, as it can still alter the profile. Steps 4, 5 & 6 feature a 6mm thick diamond layer, which guarantees for long tool life. We recommend running the first three steps at 4,000 RPM and the last three steps at 2,000 RPM.

Available Profiles for Superabrasive's Router Bits: