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Diamond Tools for Coating and Glue Removal

For additional information and part numbers, please download our complete LAVINA CATALOG. 

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Quick Change Carbide Scrapers for removing thick glues and mastics

The new carbide scrapers from Superabrasive feature replaceable tungsten carbide blades that quickly and easily remove thick glues, rubbery mastics and elastomeric coatings that bush hammers can not remove effectively because they will gum up and smear. These tools won't damage the concrete underneath, and are ideal for glue removal on floors that will be polished!

Part number #X-HOLDER-CBL-19
carbide scraper for removing gluecarbide scraper tools on a plate grinding glue and mesh 

• Each tool features a replaceable tungsten carbide blade, mounted to a reusable QuickChange style tool holder; Each blade has 4 different sides (19mm long each) to use for extended tool life. When one side is used up, simply turn the blade and start using the next side.
• These carbide scrapers can be used with electric LAVINA grinders and most other grinders on the market via QuickChange adapter plates. They work best on lower rpms (500-700 rpms), and are not suitable for use with propane Lavina machines.
• The CBL-19 holders feature a unique impact-resistant spring system, that prevents damage of the tools.
• Typically, the next step would be 30 or 50 grit metals.

Quick Change PCD Tools for Coating Removal

Before deciding which tools to use for coating removal, you should answer the following questions:

• What type of coating are you removing?
• How thick or thin is the coating?
• Will you be recoating with a thick or thin mil system?
• Are you going to be polishing the surface?

You should inspect the floor before strating. It is always a good idea to grind a small test area to determine the quality of the concrete and the best tools for the job. Any bolts or other objects sticking up from the floor must be cut and hammered down into the floor to prevent damage to the tools and machine. 

More Aggressive                                                                          Less Aggressive

pcd aggressiveness

PCD, 2 pcd segs | PCD with metal button or with sac bars | Metal Bond segs, grit 6, 14, 30  and up

What is a PCD? Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) tooling is grown onto a tungsten carbide base from graphite by synthesis process of high temperature and pressure. Thousands of little crystalline diamonds are linked together by a very strong chemical bond as a result of the sintering process.





Superabrasive's QuickChange PCD tools are designed for aggressive stock and coating removal and are offered with the same QuickChange attachment as the standard metal bond tools. Please note that these tools are directional specific and you should check the direction of rotation of the grinder heads. All Lavina machines WITH THE EXCEPTION OF PROPANE MODELS require standard right-hand rotation tools. LAVINA propane grinders require pcd's tools with LEFT-hand rotation - those can be easily distinguished by their blue color.

PCD tools without Sacrificial bars or Metal Bond Button are most aggressive and are suitable for removal of:

• Thick mastics and glues

• ¼” Thick Parking Deck Membranes

• 30 mils and up Epoxy Coatings

• Thick Elastomeric Membranes
• Any coating with silica sand broadcast mixed in

Note: PCD tools will leave a very coarse profile on the concrete underneath.


pcd-metal-segment-tool-remove-coatingsPCD tools WITH Sacrificial bars / Metal Bond Button are suitable for removal of:

  • Medium to thin mastics or glues
  • Failing epoxy coatings (30 mils or less)

Note: These tools are designed to remove coating over a surface equal to a troweled surface and will not damage the concrete. The sacrificial bars or the metal button act as a stabilizer and depth guide, and reduce the gauging of the floor caused by the aggressive pcd segments.


QuickChange Metal Bond Diamond Tools


Superabrasive's QuickChange metal bond segments are among the best diamonds for floor grinding on the market. They can be also used for coating removal of:

• Thin, old, dried glues
• 20 mils or less- epoxy coatings
• Floor paints
• Cure-n-seals
• Hard tight steel trowelled floors

Our metal diamonds come in several bonds designed specifically for the different types of concrete hardness:

  • YELLOW segments - for Soft concrete, typically under 2500 psi
  • GREY segments - for Medium concrete, between 2500 and 4000 psi
  • RED segments - for Hard concrete, between 4000 and 5500 psi
  • GOLD segments - for Extra Hard Concrete, over 5500 psi
  • WHITE segments - for Super Hard concrete, over 7000 psi 

The QC metal bond diamonds are offered with one and two round or rectangular / bar segments. Choosing between one or two segments allows the operator to control the speed and aggressiveness of the cut. For thin coating removal, you can use the single segment tools, usually grit 6 or 14. 

If you are preparing the floor for epoxy installation, you can also use the BUSH HAMMERS.  

We offer a variety of tooling plates for other manufacturers' floor grinders as well, including HTC, Husqvarna, SASE, Scanmaskin, so you can easily switch to using Superabrasive's QuickChange diamonds with almost any grinder.
Metal plates and foam plates for other grinders