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The LAVINA® System for Concrete Grinding and Polishing


We at Superabrasive are continuously working towards more efficient solutions to our customers' needs, making the LAVINA® system your go-to solution for any concrete grinding and polishing application, large or small.  In our effort to provide you with most innovative products possible, the LAVINA® S Series is now available, and comes standard with a wide range of upgrades and new features.  New models include the remote controlled L32-R-S, and the self-propelled L25M-S.


Features of LAVINA®, and the LAVINA® S Series: 

  • LAVINA® machines are offered in many sizes, from 7'' to 32'', in electrical and propane models.
  • LAVINA® S models also feature exclusive U-Joint Technology, upgraded water spraying systems, a belt inspection window, and more.
  • LAVINA® machines grind, hone, polish, and burnish.
  • Models offer the option of polishing only the cream, or exposing aggregates for polishing.
  • The LP (Low Profile) LAVINA® models are perfect for reaching beneath shelving and cabinets.
  • All LAVINA® machines work close to walls and edges
  • Extensive quality control procedures ensure that only the best diamond powder is used to produce Superabrasive tooling.
  • Superabrasive tooling features exceptional life and performance.
  • Our tools feature QuickChange diamond tooling, making tool changes faster and simpler.
  • We offer systems designed especially for "big box" store projects - contact us for additional information about InovaCrete®.
  • LAVINA® distribution centers may be found worldwide.



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