Stone Fabrication Tools

Superabrasive Inc. offers a wide variety of diamond tools for the stone fabrication industry, including the popular GlossFire™ (previously called TORO) discs for flat edge and multi edge polishing, CNC tooling, HEXO Jr. sintered and brazed router bits, sink wheels, core bits, turbo cups, polishing pads, and more. Please choose from the categories below or download a copy of our Stone Products Catalog.

CNC Toolsstone fabrication tools

Router Bits
Brazed Router Bits
GlossFire™ polishing discs (previously called TORO)
Zero Tolerance Cutters
Tools for Cutting and Shaping
Lippage Tools
Electroplated Pads
Tools for Polishing
Core Bits
Anchor Bits
Backers, Holders and Adapters

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